Time to close

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I close this blog now it doesn't look nice and I can't change it - but you can find me again at: http://rosie-bussard.blogspot.com/

MayBee a FreeBee Download Chart

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In case you missed this free download - here it is again for you. Clique on the image.
I have lots of Bees in my Bonnet! My Bees are all simply $2 each and you can just email me and tell me which designs you would like, then I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Then I'll email you the pdfs. All the designs have a full colour picture, a full colour chart, a chart with symbols which you can print out, and DMC thread guide. I hope that is OK and that it is simple and you will tell me if there is a better way.
The size of the design 3 x 4.5 inches (7 x 11.5 cm) makes them perfect for card greetings and they are small enough to stitch in a day if you are pressed for time.
Instead of shaded threads which can be variable when you try to reproduce them, I have used tweeded threads of DMC - 2 different shades in the needle at one time. This means that the colours are more interesting, but what you stitch will look like the finished model.

Symbolism of Bee Calm

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Strange to me when people always says Calm Down when calm is not a Down place - it is an Up place in the sky where you can see all - like riding on a cloud over stormy sea. But no need for Up and Down when you are just Bee Calm - like the sea - all the time. You can absorb drops of rain, you can absorb entire rivers and tempests and sunken boats and those that die and lay warm in your heart and people who fish and whales and little children who swim and laugh. Once when I was young I swam in the sea and all around me danced stitches of sunlight until I felt myself in new body of sunlight too. I can swim there again anytime I want, like you can too. That is why in top corners of the sampler is light. Light is there always when you see it and when you don't and even when you see it but don't want to see it. The gardiens in the Camargue look after all so you don't have to worry and that is why there is the symbol of the Gardiens down the sides of the sampler. Stitching is Bee Calm it is a safe place we can always go to and over you is the trees caring and protecting helping you Bee Calm like a cloud drifting over the sea, like the sea. I wish you Bee Calm.

May your May Day come true

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Whatever you dare to dream today may it come true.

A loving couple who had been faithful all their life were rewarded with one wish each by a fairy.
The wife said she would like a nice long holiday with her husband so the fairy gave her two tickets for a cruise to Bali. Nice and romantic. The husband said, oh kind fairy, since you have only one wish to give and it may never in my life happen something like this again, then I regret to say my wish is for my wife to be 30 years younger than me. The fairy smiled and said, Your wish is granted. And she made the man 92.

Symbolism of May Bee

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So now I must tell you all about the symbolism of the May Bee that you will stitch in time for May, maybe...? I think you will find these are quick to stitch.
At the bottom by the word 'Bee' are blossoming apple trees which maybe promise nice apples for us in the fall. The dark green squares at the bottom are like little 'parterres de broderie' - literally gardens set out in the way of embroidery! These may blossom in summer - maybe. Along the sides are May poles for dancing on May Day, there we maybe meet a lover and so there is a heart at the top. And maybe we get broody when we meet a lover and so there are chickens in nests - maybe they will hatch a chicken? And who knows if our dear bees will be safe? We need to make sure there are good and nice things for them always in our garden because without them there will be no flowers or honey....maybe. May bees continue!